Awake Craniotomy

Surgery Done by : Dr. Abhishek Chauhan & team

Awake Craniotomy (First Time in Gwalior Chambal Sambhag)

At Birla Hospital ion Gwalior, doctors operated a brain tumor of a baby girl Soumya (9 years). The girl was playing the piano during the operation.

The girl said, I am found of playing the piano. During the operation i played the piano for about 5-6 hours. I am very healthy now.

the girl had been on epileptic seizures for the past two years. The part in which the tumer was connected to the wires of the hand. She was at risk of being crippled after the operation. We underwent a successful operation while diverting the patient's attention : Dr. Abhishek Chauhan Neuro Surgeon BIMR Hospitals, Gwalior