ERCP and bile duct clearance

Surgery Done by : Dr. Arun Singh Bhadauria & Team

Dr. Arun Singh Bhadauria,Gastroenterology,BIMR Hospitals,Gwalior did ERCP and bile duct clearance in 85 yr old female with multiple bile duct stones. She was symptomatic for the last 2 yrs with recurrent biliary pain and low-grade jaundice. In a normal scenario, the patients require open surgery with CBD exploration. As She had poor lungs due to old pulmonary TB. ERCP was done after high-risk consent. The post-procedure Patient was stable. Now she can undergo lap cholecystectomy. These types of ERCPs are very few in the lifetime of a gastroenterologist. Approx 30-40 bile duct stones were removed.