Procedure Done by : Dr. Arun Singh Bhadauria & team

ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography)

ERCP is an endoscopic procedure, do not require any external incision. It is used to remove the blockage in the bile duct and alleviate jaundice. It’s a lifesaving procedure for those who suffer from biliary sepsis.

We did ERCP on a 29 yr old lady with 5-month pregnancy. She was suffering from high-grade fever, jaundice for the last 1 week, getting treatment elsewhere. She was admitted to BIMR with coma and breathing difficulty. As she doesn’t have much time, so ERCP was performed around 12:30 at night. Stent and nasobiliary drain were placed in the bile duct. Post-procedure she gained consciousness the next day and jaundice resolved in the next 3 days. She was discharged with her live fetus after 1 week.

This was a very challenging ERCP. As she was pregnant and her vitals were unstable. Due to a professional critical care team and round the clock OT and anesthesia team support we were able to save this patient.