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Established spring 1972, the Student Nurses Association is comprised of Nursing Majors and those interested in the profession of Nursing. SNA works to provide opportunity for personal, intellectual, professional and social growth of its members. Much of this is incorporated into health information and services that are provided to the campus and community. Each Nursing student is encouraged to cultivate leadership skills within the SNA and through membership in The National Student Nurses’ Association and The New Jersey Nursing Students’ Association.

The active SNA member is an individual aware of the issues, responsibilities and needs of Nursing profession and the public it serves.

All students within Nursing are eligible for membership.

1. To promote awareness and involvement in nursing and baccalaureate nursing education.

2. To support the education of the student nurse as a professional.

3. To provide education concerning contemporary health problems on campus and in the community.

4. To act as a liaison between nursing faculty and nursing students.

5. To play an active role within the student government.

6. To act as liaison between TCNJ nursing students and NJNS and NSNA.